1. be a(n) successful artist.

My name is Laura Su and I am a jewelry designer.  I graduated from RISD in 2004 with a BFA in Illustration.

I loved learning how to illustrate; every project was an exercise in problem solving and I used all sorts of media.  Glass, fabric, clays, paint, wood, metal, paper.  It didn’t matter if I wasn’t familiar with it because the goal of each assignment was to properly solve a problem and if I could figure it out in an unconventional medium, even better.

After graduation, I began to create my own jewelry out of necessity and fell in love with the craft. It was an entirely new world and has been (still is) amazing.

You can view and purchase my jewelry work at: www.prismera.com.


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fine art, illustration, and photography by laura su.
small format works in a variety of media.

digital - photography - mixed media & collage - watercolor & gouache - graphite - ink - acrylic paint & medium